Intelligent portfolio

Our smart optimised portfolio follows two prime directives:

1. Our portfolio is lean.
This means we only have products in our range where we have the required technical know-how.

2. Our portfolio is exhaustive.
We have chosen a group of technology providers, so we can cover the full spectrum of requirements in the context of IT infrastructure.


Cisco is a leading manufacturer of components for telecommunication applications. We use Cisco servers and network components in our projects.

DELL Technologies, with their substantial global service network, provide the means for us to set up server and storage solutions at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

We use Dokusnap products for inventory management and for the documentation of our clients’ network and server landscapes.

Fortinet is our chief supplier of IT security products. For our customers we use the software, appliances and services developed and distributed by this multinational security provider.

Greenbone is our supplier of appliances and services for security vulnerability analysis. With the Greenbone products we are able to close any security gaps of our customers proactively.

Hewlett Packard is one of our major hardware suppliers. The company manufactures highly reliable servers and storage systems, which we use for our clients.

Hitachi provides us with components for storage solutions. The multinational looks back on decades’ worth of experience in storage technologies.

Microsoft delivers the standard software we use: Office products and Windows operating systems for physical workspaces and servers, as well as all Microsoft Cloud products.

Rapid7 is one of the top providers in the IT security sector and has gained its reputation with research projects and tools for penetration testing. Our collaboration with Rapid7 is one the cornerstones of our managed detection & response services.

SentinelOne is one of our key technology partners. With SentinelOne's AI-based tools we take securing our customers' endpoints and networks to the next level.

The Viennese company Timewarp is our preferred partner for cloud solutions. Its data centres are physically located in Austria. They provide the superior protection we value for our customers.

The tools we use for data storage and recovery are made by the software manufacturer veeam. Their software is excellent not only for virtual, but also for physical platforms.

VMware is our partner for virtualisation solutions. We use VMware’s software to set up and operate virtual servers for our customers. VMware also produces the products we use for unified endpoint management and for virtual desktop infrastructures.

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