Leading-edge standards

Our services are based on state-of-the-art standards to ensure top-quality results. We have implemented a best-practice process workflow, are certified according to essential industry standards and use leading-edge tools for all our services.


Our company has been officially ISO 27001/27018 certified. This means specifically that we have implemented an information security management system which complies with this standard. Our customers benefit from this in many ways: For example, all technical tasks we carry out for our clients are fully documented in greatest detail. This certification also attests the high security level for our clients’ data. As a result, thanks to our ISO 27001/27018 certification, we fulfil even the highest scrutiny checks for suppliers.

Fortinet has awarded us the highest possible partner status. We share Fortinet Expert partner status with only a handful of other Austrian companies. The IT security provider Fortinet said the following about us: “Our Expert partners are proven specialists in building IT security solutions. They are capable of using the full spectrum of Fortinet technologies in the best possible way. Fortinet Expert partners employ IT security experts, who can handle the most complex requirements, who provide a high level of know-how and guarantee excellent customer support.“

We are proud that our team has been holding Microsoft Gold partner status for over 10 years in succession. Gold partnership is the highest status awarded by Microsoft to independent partners. This type of partnership requires in-depth know-how of Microsoft products and many years’ worth of experience. It also requires the re-evaluation of the quality level on a regular basis. This includes technical exams of staff and the documentation of successfully completed IT projects where Microsoft products were used.

Certified partner status with technology leaders

Our company is a certified partner of technology leaders such as Cisco, Greenbone, HP, Hitachi, SentinelOne, veeam, VMware and a number of other highly specialised manufacturers.

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ITIL is today’s worldwide market standard for IT services management. With its current edition, this system serves as a platform which provides a standardised concept of processes, roles and functions related to IT services. We use ITIL nomenclature to facilitate our work related communication with the IT departments of our customers. In addition, we use the ITIL library best practices for the organisation and implementation of our IT services.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Service-level agreements (SLA)

The services we deliver to our customers are always governed by professional service-level agreements (SLA). Our SLA are based on ITIL nomenclature, which provides our clients with the trustworthy basis of well-defined service characteristics such as scope of services and response times. The SLA also defines on-call times and can even include 24x7 services.

Leading-edge ticketing system

Leading-edge ticketing system

We use a state-of-the-art ticketing system in our customer support management. This system is not only used for communicating with the client during a support event. We also use it to document all tasks our technicians perform for our clients. The benefit is clear: all activities are fully traceable. Customers who themselves need to meet high compliance, safety or security requirements particularly appreciate this high level of traceability. On request, we grant our clients access to the ticketing system, so they can get easy access to the information contained therein.

Zentrale Monitoringplattform Zentrale Monitoringplattform Zentrale Monitoringplattform

Central monitoring platform

In our Operations Centre we operate a central monitoring platform, which we use to monitor our clients’ systems. On a 24x7 basis we monitor devices, bandwidths, storage space, processes, applications, services and many more for their performance within defined parameters. When we detect a deviation from the allowed parameters we immediately intervene and proactively prevent crises. Naturally, we inform our customers about such incidents. We offer this service to our clients for any type of IT system, whether we built it ourselves or not.

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